Domcon LA 2013 Review

Posted on May 23, 2013 in Photos

For those of you who have been living under a rock, the entire Wicked Eden staff took off for sunny (actually, it was rather smoggy) LA a couple weeks a go for DomCon where we got to catch up with lovely, talented professionals from all over the globe, attend a few classes and film some amazing content for our video stores. Yours truly found, and took some photos to share with you all – and also to gloat about how awesome our lives are 😉

Don’t forget to say thank you!



Domcon2013 DDI

Large group photo taken in one of the gardens at our hotel. Can you spot the lovely WE ladies?



From Left to right: Miss Kelle, having lunch with me in the hotel cafe, Our sissy/butler who had the honored privilege of waiting on us hand and foot all weekend, Princess Kali performing her rendition of “the its bitsy spider, Miss Audrie and myself, fresh off the plane and ready to kick ass.



Bet you wish you were here, huh?