Gifts & Tributes

I enjoy receiving gifts both in adoration and in gratitude for the time we’ve spent together. I love to indulge in lovely clothing, shoes, bath products, fetish toys, and much more.


  • My Amazon Wishlist – My own personal wishlist, with items from and other vendors as well.

Sending a Gift to Me

If you’d like to send me something, you may do so to:

Shipping Address:

Miss Noel Knight

6956 E Broad St #169

Columbus, OH 43230

My measurements are as follows:

Bust: 34C
Waist: 26
Hips: 34
Shoe: 7
Dress Size: 4/5 (small)
Pants/Skirts: 5/6 (medium)
General sizes: Small in tops/dresses, medium in pants and skirts
Corsets: 22″
Latex: Medium

Tributes and Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates from my favorite vendors can be used for gifts and tributes.

Agent Provocteur – My absolute favorite place for lingerie! A boy wanting to get on my good side should start here.
Trashy Diva – I just love their clothing!
Sephora – Where I love to buy my makeup and haircare products
Charles Penzone Spa – My local luxury spa and salon.
Nordstrom’s – All of my favorite things in one place. Delish!
Amazon Gift Cards – Always a smart choice.