Styles Of Submission

Posted on Sep 4, 2013 in BDSM & Fetish, Blog, Slaves & Sluts

While I am generally not a big fan of labels, I recently was involved in a conversation about different styles of submission. So often I get people who message me saying “I am a sissy slut” or “I want to be your slave”. This got me thinking about what those things actually mean, and how people manifest their submissive identities during the course of a session (or, in some cases, as a lifestyle).

I’ve broken it down in a list, of sorts. Keep in mind; this is not a complete list, only some of the most common submissive roles I’ve come across.

The Brat is someone who likes to be “forced” into doing things. They generally crave punishment and thus act out (being mouthing, committing some evil sin, breaking a rule) in order to procure correction. This can be done in real play or in a role-play scenario.

The Service Slave is just what the same implies; someone who enjoys being of service. They want to be useful to their dominant and will work to make the said dominant’s life easier. They generally enjoy being given domestic tasks (cleaning, cooking and what not).

The Play Bottom is a person who will submit during the course of a scene but is otherwise independent and uninterested in a continued power dynamic.

The Goddess Worshiper is a male whose focus is very much on the Domme, not so much a service sphere, but in being controlled by her sexually. This can be done over the space of a specific scene or in a more intense duration.

The Pet is someone who wants to be treated as one might a cat or dog. They wish to be taken care of, and generally want to exist only to amuse and be “petted” by their owner.

The Pain Toy is generally a masochist who wants to be tortured and suffer for a cruel and unsympathetic dominant. Most pain toys tend to fixate of a particular kind of punishment (whipping or CBT for example).

The Humiliation Junkie may or many no be interested in typical BDSM activities, but for the most part craves degradation. They want to be laughed at, poked at, and made to feel embarrassed by either completing some ridiculous task or, in some cases, simply for being the pervert they are.

The Sissy Slut is a male submissive who wants to be dressed and taught to act like a female. This may be done for humiliation purposes, or simply because the sub really wants to be “one of the girls”

Keep in mind that all of these roles are not mutually exclusive. You can be just one or you can be all of them, depending on the time, situation and person you are playing with. As with all things BDSM, it’s never really black or white, but more of a gradient scale. It’s also important to remember that one role is not necessarily better than another. They can all be fun within their own context. The point is to embrace whatever style you feel pulled to during the course of your scene, identify what you want, and have fun with it!


Miss Noel

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Video: Seduced Into Sucking Cock

Posted on Sep 1, 2013 in Blog


Keywords: Forced Bi, GFE, Femdom POV, Tease and Denial, Sensual Domination, Cocksucking

Hey baby! Do you like my new lingerie? I bought it just for you. You see, I’ve been wanting to talk to you about something. Sex with you has been a bit boring lately and I think it’s time we spice things up, don’t you? I just want to get a little kinky. You can handle kinky, can’t you honey? Great! I have a very dirty fantasy that I’ve been dying to try and I think tonight is night! I’ve always wanted to watch you such another man’s cock. Would you do that for me, babe? Suck a nice juicy cock? Drink down a big load of cum? You’d better, honey, or I might never let you touch this pussy again….

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Video: No Mercy Chastity Assignment

Posted on Aug 22, 2013 in Blog


Keywords: Chastity, Tease and Denial, Edging, Slave Assignments, Orgasm Denial, Femdom POV

This is an assignment for all of my little chastity slaves. You may have thought that my earlier T&D tasks were intense, but this one really takes the cake. I am going to take you to the edge of your endurance, pushing you to the brink before baking off. This will happen over and over again. By the time you’ve completed this task, you’ll be desperate for release. Want the details? You know what to do, boy. Put that cock cage on for me and get ready for the ultimate tease.

Video is HD 1280×720 WMV.

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FemDom Fiction

Posted on Aug 14, 2013 in BDSM & Fetish, Blog

Guess what, boys? It’s confession time and I have a very dirty little secret to tell you…

Actually, it’s not all that dirty and it certainly won’t be a secret for long.

Yours truly is a rather accomplished writer and I’ve started a new project plotting out some FemDom fiction. I’ve several pieces already written and even more plot lines waiting to be filled out. I know all of you fellow perverts would love to read about all the filthy, evil machinations that go on inside my head and these stories will incorporate all of my favorite ways to tease and torture. I am thrilled with the way they’ve turned out so far and I can’t wait to share them with world.

I am, however, missing one very important piece to this puzzle. While I may be kick-ass author, I am in no way qualified (nor do I have the time) to operate as an editor. That means I am searching for a boy (or girl) with literary experience to do so for me. If you would like to apply for this position you must:

1. Have experience editing, publishing or writing literature. It is imperative that you be able to correct any spelling, grammar or formatting errors with ease.

2. Be dependable. I can’t be waiting weeks or months to have the work returned to me (these stories are 10,000 words or less, so that shouldn’t be a major issue).

3. Understand that you are doing this in service to me in return for my attention and the pleasure of submission.

If you meet all of this criteria, you may send me an e-mail with your credentials:

I look forward to hearing from you!



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Leather, Latex or Lace?

Posted on Jul 25, 2013 in Blog

For many people, part of the fantasy of being dominated revolves around a well-dressed, sexy woman. Meaning, in some cases, the clothing makes the Domme.

It changes from person to person, of course. Some men love the idea of a stern, sadistic Domina clad in skin tight shiny latex. Others are attracted to the scent, sensation and look of leather. After all, a curvy woman decked out in tall leather boots and a tight leather uniform is the quintessential image that comes to mind when thinking of female domination. A corset with garters and stockings may do the trick for some submissive boys. What is the woman in your fantasies wearing? Perhaps a smooth satin slip? Does she have long crimson nails and shiny red lips? Can you picture a pair of sky high heels and silky pantyhose decorating her legs and feet?

There are so many options when it comes to fetish clothing that it’s difficult to pick just one or two. Personally, I don’t think it’s the outfit that put the woman on top. I find the idea of a sexy girl in jeans and sandals dominating a man just as sexy as a Domme dolled up in lingerie. However, I can certainly appreciate all the accoutrement that comes along with being a professional switch. Compounded with the fact that I’m a bit of a girly girl and I’ll use any excuse to dress up, I genuinely enjoy finding new and interesting pieces to wear in sessions and videos.

I’ll readily admit my wardrobe is sadly lacking in latex, and slim on the leather (my taste runs towards slinky black dresses), so I’ve decided it’s time to expand a little. Have any specific requests? Want to contribute a particular item to my fetish collection? Is there a specific outfit you’d like to see me wear for you? Now’s your chance, boys!

Of course, if you not sure where to begin, you can always take a look here.

So, boys, tell me, what’s your preference – latex, leather or lace?




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Anal Etiquette

Posted on Jul 23, 2013 in BDSM & Fetish, Blog

Anal play is one of the most common activities experimented with in BDSM play. While I’m thrilled that so many boys are willing to take it up the ass these days, there are some simple and finite rules to making an enjoyable anal play session for both you and your partner. Here are some of my recommendation (or demands, if you prefer):

1. Be clean. Yes, this means you’ll be required to take an enema or two. Personally, I enjoy making the enema part of the play (watching you squirm while your tummy is filled the to brim with warm soapy water only reinforces who is really in control), but I understand that some boys find it embarrassing to do this in front of their playmate. You can always  to procure a few enemas (you can pick them up from any local pharmacy) and give them to yourself at home right before your play date. I usually recommend two to really get yourself squeaky clean.

2. Stretch your little hole. If you really, really love anal play, I suggest you pick up a few toys of your own and wear them for a few hours a couple time of week. This will keep your bottom loose and ready for your partner to rape and pillage.

3. Bigger is not necessarily better. If you aren’t accustomed to anal play and can’t spend much time stretching yourself out, then you’ll have to start slow. It may take some time to work you up to taking large dildos or a strap-on. A tiny little butt plug may feel huge to the untested bottom. You don’t need a gargantuan toy to make it pleasurable and intense.

4. Go slow. While your fantasy may be getting fucked like a little whore by a gaggle of Dommes, that’s not something you’ll really enjoy in reality unless you’ve been properly prepared. It make take anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days to get you ready for a real, hard fucking. Don’t worry, take your time – You’ll get there 😉

5. Experiment with positions. During strap-on play you want the position to be comfortable not just for you, but also for your partner. Some positions might feel better than others. Play around and see what feels best for you.

6.  Communicate. With all things BDSM, communication is key. As good as a Domme may be, she’s not a mind reader- so tell her how it feels! Tell her what you like, what hurts, what you want more or less of continuously.



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