Teaser Tuesday

Posted on Oct 15, 2013 in Blog

As I mentioned in a previous blog, your truly has begun dabbling in the world of femdom fiction. I have to say, the creative juices are flowing and I’ve been enjoying myself thoroughly. Since, I’m very excited about my little project I’ve decided it’s time to share the wealth. I’ll be delivering little teasers of my stories every other Tuesday (just to get you hot and bothered). Enjoy!

“He didn’t think twice as he snapped the locked closed, the tiny sound sent a thrill up his spine and had his dick swelling painfully inside that little tube.  It wasn’t until afterwards that he realized there was no key inside the box.

He went back to the table where she was still sipping her coffee, looking relaxed and confident. He paused by her chair, blinking at her, still somewhat stunned. She raised her brow expectantly and nodded for him to take his seat. He did as he was told.”