Styles Of Submission

Posted on Sep 4, 2013 in BDSM & Fetish, Blog, Slaves & Sluts

While I am generally not a big fan of labels, I recently was involved in a conversation about different styles of submission. So often I get people who message me saying “I am a sissy slut” or “I want to be your slave”. This got me thinking about what those things actually mean, and how people manifest their submissive identities during the course of a session (or, in some cases, as a lifestyle).

I’ve broken it down in a list, of sorts. Keep in mind; this is not a complete list, only some of the most common submissive roles I’ve come across.

The Brat is someone who likes to be “forced” into doing things. They generally crave punishment and thus act out (being mouthing, committing some evil sin, breaking a rule) in order to procure correction. This can be done in real play or in a role-play scenario.

The Service Slave is just what the same implies; someone who enjoys being of service. They want to be useful to their dominant and will work to make the said dominant’s life easier. They generally enjoy being given domestic tasks (cleaning, cooking and what not).

The Play Bottom is a person who will submit during the course of a scene but is otherwise independent and uninterested in a continued power dynamic.

The Goddess Worshiper is a male whose focus is very much on the Domme, not so much a service sphere, but in being controlled by her sexually. This can be done over the space of a specific scene or in a more intense duration.

The Pet is someone who wants to be treated as one might a cat or dog. They wish to be taken care of, and generally want to exist only to amuse and be “petted” by their owner.

The Pain Toy is generally a masochist who wants to be tortured and suffer for a cruel and unsympathetic dominant. Most pain toys tend to fixate of a particular kind of punishment (whipping or CBT for example).

The Humiliation Junkie may or many no be interested in typical BDSM activities, but for the most part craves degradation. They want to be laughed at, poked at, and made to feel embarrassed by either completing some ridiculous task or, in some cases, simply for being the pervert they are.

The Sissy Slut is a male submissive who wants to be dressed and taught to act like a female. This may be done for humiliation purposes, or simply because the sub really wants to be “one of the girls”

Keep in mind that all of these roles are not mutually exclusive. You can be just one or you can be all of them, depending on the time, situation and person you are playing with. As with all things BDSM, it’s never really black or white, but more of a gradient scale. It’s also important to remember that one role is not necessarily better than another. They can all be fun within their own context. The point is to embrace whatever style you feel pulled to during the course of your scene, identify what you want, and have fun with it!


Miss Noel