My insight on “breaking” boys

Posted on Jul 3, 2013 in BDSM & Fetish, Blog

Recently, over a bottle of wine and some fantastic haute cuisine, I had a very interesting chat with a few of my girlfriends. The topic of conversation concerned the best way to “break” a boy in.

Before the lot of you get all up in arms, picturing naughty slave beaten to a pulp and crawling across the dungeon floor, allow me to clarify; when I say break, I don’t mean it any physical sense. I mean, how to I slip in a boys head and continually seduce him into doing the things I want him to do (which, often enough, are usually things he wants to do – he just needs to be “forced” into doing them).

So that had the wheels in my pretty little head a-spinning. How do I do it?

Anyone who knows me (or, at least knows about my kinky proclivities) understands that I have a sadistic streak a mile wide. I regularly exercise pain play on boys who are all too willing to suffer for me.  Any woman can cause a boy pain. It’s not like it’s difficult – just wrap your pretty hand around a full set of balls and squeeze. At that point, they really will do almost anything to make you happy 🙂 My sadism, however, tends to be more wrapped up in sensation play than any form of training. Watching you whimper, watching your pupils dilate in fear makes me happy, and I do it because it thrills me (and the boy in question). So for me, when it comes to breaking boys, pain doesn’t really enter the equation.

Another option revolves around the exploitation of fetishes. Most submissive men come with one or two. Once I know what they are, it’s very easy to get a boy to dance for me. For example, if I know a boy has a foot fetish, I might tease him by wearing things that accentuate my feet and legs. Make him sit still while I slowly strip off my stockings and dangle my shoes from my toes. Imagine how desperate he would be to kiss my pretty soles by then, and what he might be willing to do in order to earn that pleasure.

Of course, not all men have fetishes. What do you do then?

Well, that brings us to my default.

I’ve always thought the best way to control a man, and “break him in, was through pleasure. Once you’ve got control of the dick, you’ve got control over everything else. Really, all it takes is a little orgasm denial and teasing. After a few days of halted release and daily edgings, a boy will be ready to do absolutely anything for me. This is one of the reasons I’m so fond of chastity and why T&D (that’s tease and denial) is one of my favorite games during a session. For men, it’s all about the orgasm and if you can keep him on edge, you’ve got him hooked.

And I’m very, very good and keeping boys on the edge 🙂