Christmas Is Coming….

Posted on Dec 8, 2013 in Blog

…have you decided how you’ll be showing me your love this Holiday season?

I have cleaned up my Amazon Wishlist and filled it with all my favorite things. I’ve added lingerie and leather, diamonds and furs, even some sexy fetish outfits (you boys will no doubt love to see me in some of these sexy little things). Mixed in liberally are some practical things (for those boys who wish to spoil in a bit more of a domestic sort of way) and even some entertainment items (after all, I can’t be torturing slaves every single waking minute of the day).

If you’re still aren’t sure what to give me this year Amazon Gift Cards are always welcome.

I’m also dying for a spa day. You can sponsor a trip for some much needed pampering with a gift card to my favorite place!

Show me your adoration and devotion, boys – that’s an order 😉