About Me

Age 23 Height 5’3″
Hair Blonde Weight 120 lbs
Eyes Clear Blue Bust 34C
Complexion Tan Shoe size: 7.5

Hello there! Welcome to my world. I’m…not the girl next door. I am a sensual, bright, and devious professional switch. I take absolute delight in my sensuality and use every opportunity to revel in it with wild abandon. I am a switch, meaning that I enjoy being both a Dominant (Top) and a submissive (bottom).

In the submissive role, I am more inclined to masochism than acting out the role of servant or slave. I adore the strong catharsis and delicious warm feeling that comes from well done pain play. I am also an absolute exhibitionist and love to show off, particularly if it means performing for an appreciative partner. I have appeared in numerous BDSM videos, including several of the Kink.com websites.

As a top, I identify strongly as a sensual sadist. Having a plethora of personal experiences, I have all the intuition and skill to make a submissive squirm and beg, happily. I am very playful and am fascinated by watching peoples reactions to sensation, both pain and pleasure. I have also discovered I have an intense chastity and cuckolding fetish. After all, what better way to control a man than by locking up his “little man”…hehe!

My Interests

I am first and foremost a sex-positive female. I adore sensuality, seduction and the expression of these things.  I am fascinated by people and all their sexual desires. My favorite thing? Finding out what makes you tick, what makes you tock. I want to know your dirtiest, darkest, most secret fantasies and then make the come alive.

I am an extreme exhibitionist. I adore showing off, knowing all eyes are on me, wanting me. Nothing thrills me more than putting myself on display for people to see and desire. Oddly enough, I am also a voyeur and love to observe people in sex and play – the more taboo the act, the better I am entertained.  Watching a man or women preform for me and be utterly at my direction gives me a rush of power that I find to be an amazing turn on.

I’ll willingly admit to being a total hedonist. I enjoy basking in a myriad of all different sensations – both pain and pleasure, power and surrender. As a natural switch, I have a multitude of interests on both sides of the fence.

As a submissive, I am an accomplished masochist and very much enjoy the catharsis the comes from well done pain play. I consider marks badges of honor. Nothing like that lovely twinge of pain the next day to remind you of the fun that’s been had. I am also highly competitive and appreciate the challenge in testing my own limits. Further more, as a submissive with a plethora of personal and professional experiences, I’m very confident in my craft. One of my favorite things to do is educate newer tops in techniques from the submissive perspective – after all, if 80% of what we do is mental, who better to ask whats going on upstairs than a bottom?

As a dominant, I thrive on teasing, constantly seducing my bottoms into complying with my wishes. I can be sweet and playful or sadistic and sensual depending upon my mood. I have a deep appreciation for pain play. I am always entertained by watching and willing victim whimper and squirm and beg, not quite sure if they want me to stop, or never stop.

I also have a major chastity and cuckolding fetish.  It is my personal belief that to control and man, you first have to take control of his little man. I find it absolutely fascinating how quickly even the most willful of men become utterly compliant once I have their cock locked away and the key securely around my neck. This form of control takes an extreme amount of trust and devotion. As a result it, I consider it to be an very intimate form of slavery and and my favorite form of domination.